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Baseus Charger CCSP020101

Baseus compact charger CCSP020101 allows you to quickly charge your devices with up to 25 watts of power. With its complex protection system, it protects the powered equipment from damage. Supports a variety of fast charging protocols. It is distinguished by its compatibility with a wide range of smartphones and tablets, and the 100-240V AC voltage range allows you to use it almost anywhere in the world. Its great capabilities go hand in hand with its compact size - you can easily fit it even in your pocket!

Even 3 times faster loading

Using this practical device, you will charge phones that support PD fast charging, up to 3 times faster than with traditional chargers. It supports smartphones of such brands as Samsung, Apple, and Huawei with PD protocol. It's a great time saver - no more waiting hours for your smartphone to be ready for action again!

Unparalleled user safety

The Baseus charger automatically adjusts the amperage value according to the type of devices being powered to ensure optimal charging speed and protect them from damage. Thanks to its clever design, heat is efficiently distributed, protecting you from burns and preventing damage to the charger.

Huge capabilities, small size

By using Super Si technology, it has been possible to reduce the size of the charger while increasing its capabilities. The device is extremely efficient and safe to use. It can also operate even at high temperatures. However, it remains minimal and lightweight - it will not weigh down your luggage, you can fit it in your bag or even in your pocket and take it wherever you need it.

AC input100-240 V ~, 50/60 Hz, 0.8 A max.
USB-C output5V ~ 3A (15W) / 9V ~ 2.77A (25W) / 12V ~ 2.1A (25W)
Dimensions78 x 34 x 28 mm
Weight51 g


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Baseus Super Si gyorstöltő 25W, 1C (Fekete)
6.090 Ft
12 hónap jótállással

Baseus Super Si gyorstöltő 25W, 1C (Fekete)

6.090 Ft
12 hónap jótállással
Cikkszám: INP-22990
Gyártó cikkszám: CCSP020101
Vonalkód: 6932172603724
Készletmennyiség: 177 db. raktáron

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