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Lightning to USB-C 2.0 angled cable UGREEN US305, 3A, 1.5m

The US305 is distinguished by its specially curved tip, which will make it easier to use your smartphone while charging. The cable allows data transmission at speeds as high as 480 Mbps, and also supports PD 20 W, which is responsible for the original Lightning C94 connector. What's more, the built-in chip is MFi-certified, which will take care of the safety of your devices, and the cable's sturdy construction will ensure that it will serve you for a long time.

Certified quality

The original C94 lightning connector ensures the supply of power at the right level - it is responsible for supporting PD 20W fast charging protocols. Just 30 minutes is enough to replenish the iPhone 12 battery to 50%! The cable is also equipped with a chip, the authenticity of which has been confirmed by the MFi certificate - you can be sure that the charged devices are fully safe.

Thoughtful design

Need to interrupt your favorite game because your phone is discharged? Not with the Ugreen cable! The Lightning connector is built into a 90° curved tip, so you can comfortably hold your phone horizontally while it charges. You will be surprised by the quality of this accessory. The long, 1.5-meter cable features a nylon braided sleeve, a 21 AWG core, and the ends have been further reinforced to resist bending - all of which ensures that the cable will successfully serve you for a long time.

Wide compatibility

The cable is equipped with Lightning-USB-C 2.0 connectors, so you can freely use it with all devices that support this type. MFi certification confirms its compatibility with Apple standards, so you don't have to worry about compatibility. You can transfer data as well as charge your iPhone, iPad or iPod without worry.

Model US305
FeaturesCharging, data transmission
MaterialTRE + nylon braid
Connector typeLightning - USB-C 2.0
Rated voltage3 A
Core Galvanized copper
Cable length1.5 m
Cable diameter3.7 mm
Connector dimensionsUSB-C 11.5 x 16 + 10 mm; Lightning 11 x 18 + 7 mm;
CompatibilityFully compatible with iOS 14.1 / 13 / 12 / 11


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UGREEN US305 Lightning - USB-C 2.0 kábel, 3A, 1.5m (black)
5.690 Ft
12 hónap jótállással

UGREEN US305 Lightning - USB-C 2.0 kábel, 3A, 1.5m (black)

5.690 Ft
12 hónap jótállással
Cikkszám: INP-28442
Gyártó cikkszám: 60764
Vonalkód: 6957303867646
Készletmennyiség: 40 db. raktáron

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