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Black 2-meter USB-C to USB-C Cable with LED

With the Vention cable, finding your charging device at night becomes much easier! Thanks to the built-in LED indicators that gently glow in the dark, users can easily locate their phone or tablet. This is not only a practical solution but also an elegant one, adding a unique character to the cable.

Nylon Braided for Increased Durability

There's nothing worse than a cable that quickly wears out. That's why the Vention TAUBH model comes with a nylon braid that protects it from daily wear and tear, bending, and twisting. This ensures that the cable will serve the user for a long time.

Rapid Charging with 3A Voltage

With this cable, users don't have to wait long for their device to charge. The 3A voltage ensures a lightning-fast charging process. It's the perfect solution for people on the go who need their devices ready to use at any moment.

Advanced Design for Reduced Interference

Vention cares about transmission quality. That's why the TAUBH model is built with tinned copper wire bundles, surrounded by aluminum foil, a metal braid, and an outer TPE sheath. This combination of materials ensures minimal interference, providing excellent data transmission quality at 480Mbps speed.

Reinforced Connector Housing for Durability

Even the best cable is useless if its connector end is damaged. Thanks to the reinforced connector housing, the TAUBH model is less likely to break, even when subjected to regular pressure during connection and disconnection.


InterfaceUSB-C to USB-C
Gold PlatingYes
Data Transfer Speed480Mbps


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USB-C 2.0 to USB-C Cable Vention TAUBH 2m, 3A, LED Black
1.390 Ft
12 hónap jótállással

USB-C 2.0 to USB-C Cable Vention TAUBH 2m, 3A, LED Black

1.390 Ft
12 hónap jótállással
Cikkszám: INP-35340
Gyártó cikkszám: TAUBH
Vonalkód: 6922794766525
Készletmennyiség: 87 db. raktáron

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