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USB to USB-C cable Baseus Dynamic Series, 100W, 2m (black)

Charge your devices safely and quickly with this Baseus cable. CALD000716 features a high current of 6A/5A. It is wear-resistant and durable. It has a maximum output power of 100W.

Fast and safe charging

You no longer have to wait indefinitely for your smartphone to charge. The Baseus cable uses 100W power so you can quickly get your device ready to go again - the Honor 50 Pro can be fully charged in just 27 minutes. While you can charge your Mate 40 Pro up to 86% in just 30 minutes (66W). The device is compatible with USB-C port.

Resistant to wear and tear and durable

CALD000716 has been designed to serve us for longer. The nylon finish positively contributes to its durability. The cable is resistant to wear and tear and has passed tensile and bending tests.

High-speed transmission

Transfer video and pictures in the blink of an eye! The cable is distinguished by data transmission of 480 Mbps. Simply connect the cable to your laptop or computer and you are free to transfer files.

Cable is not compatible with IPhone 15 series phones

ConnectorsUSB to USB-C
Transmission speed480 Mbps


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USB – USB-C Baseus Dynamic Series kábel, 100W, 2m (fekete)
3.090 Ft
12 hónap jótállással

USB – USB-C Baseus Dynamic Series kábel, 100W, 2m (fekete)

3.090 Ft
12 hónap jótállással
Cikkszám: INP-24224
Gyártó cikkszám: CALD000716
Vonalkód: 6932172607449

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